How Much Should I Charge as a New Life Coach?

In most cases, the personal trainer will require a minimum number of sessions to help you reach your goals. This could range from three to six sessions, and the cost of these sessions can vary greatly. You may find beginning coaches who offer little or no money during their certification period, while more experienced coaches may charge hundreds of dollars per hour. It is essential to consider any additional courses you have taken in team coaching, business coaching, or even some types of therapy that complement life coaching, such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming).

You can gain some value from just one life coaching session, but the real benefit of hiring a life coach is experienced through an ongoing relationship aimed at achieving your goals. A common question that coaches often face is whether or not they should publish their life and business coaching rates on their website or in printed brochures. If you come from a related discipline, such as psychology or counseling, where you've simply added qualifications and training techniques to your skills, you might have no problem collecting full life coaching fees right away. It is worth noting that the hourly rate of a business coach or executive coach can be much higher than that of a life coach. The lack of regulation in the coaching industry has led coaches to charge a wide range of prices for their services. Business life coaches, executive life coaches, and academic life coaches tend to charge more than a generalist life coach.

More experienced coaches are likely to charge more than less experienced coaches looking to get their first clients. But before we analyze how much life coaching costs, let's first see who a life coach is and how a life coach will help you. If you're interested in becoming a life coach and want to learn more about the salary of a life coach, see my Complete Guide to the Salary of a Life Coach. With the growing trend of online coaching via Zoom or Skype, even over the phone, some coaches choose to charge an additional fee if the client wants face-to-face physical training to compensate for time and travel considerations. Most personal trainers charge rates comparable to those of other helping professionals, such as therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists, but there is more variability because the life coaching industry is less regulated.

Life coaches who work with CEOs are likely to charge more than coaches who work with the average person. Since the life coaching industry is relatively new compared to some of the other wellness modalities, life coaching regulatory bodies do not have full authority over who can or cannot call themselves a life coach. Coach prices can be expensive, but the changes that these coaches introduce to your life are worth more than the money you paid.

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