What is a fair price for a life coach?

Coaching on the cost of living In the case of personal coaching, the cost varies depending on the experience and reputation of the coach. Within the life coaching industry, costs vary widely. The prices of Life Coaches will depend on the type of coaching you need and the coach you decide to hire. You may be able to find free or low-cost career counseling at a local workplace, for example.

Or you could shell out a thousand dollars per session to work with a popular executive coach. And because of this, online life coaching rates are lower than traditional or in-person life coaching rates. The hourly life training package is just what it sounds like: you pay the life coach for every hour (or session) you meet. The prices of personal coaching may vary depending on the training packages and incentives and the type of support you are looking for.

For example, have you taken additional courses in team coaching, business coaching, or even some types of therapy that complement life coaching, such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming)? This type of training can be a good option if you need more than a few sessions to achieve your goals or if you want the personal trainer to be available to you on an ongoing basis. Monthly life coaching is similar to hourly life coaching, except that you pay the coach a monthly fee instead of an hourly rate. If you come from a related discipline, such as psychology or counseling, where you've simply added qualifications and training techniques to your skills, you might have no problem collecting full life coaching fees right away. A dilemma that coaches often face is whether or not they should publish their life and business coaching rates on their website or in printed brochures.

The price variation is due to several factors, including the experience of the personal trainer, the location and the type of training. The enormous variation in the cost of a personal trainer makes it difficult for clients training for the first time to know what a reasonable fee for service and the quality of training they can expect for that price would be. The price may seem high, but here you'll have longer sessions with your personal trainer compared to the shorter monthly life coaching sessions. First of all, it's important to keep in mind that a high price doesn't guarantee that what the coach does will be effective.

Some of the most expensive trainers have no relevant background or credentials and are simply pressuring their clients to use unique training packages for all tastes.

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