How much does 1 on 1 coaching cost?

Then, we can offer our individual training through small groups online, larger groups in person (etc.). After completing the 12 steps, clients will have an online coaching business that generates leads and discovery calls on a daily basis. The reason I don't recommend setting hourly prices is because it makes your customers believe that the value of your training lies in the time you spend on them. For example, a coach who helps women in their 40s to reduce 10 pounds with a specific methodology that doesn't consume all their time offers a very specific result.

As for pricing, many coaches use the general rule that group training should cost each individual 30% of individual training fees. On average, customers in New York, DC and Los Angeles will pay more for training than customers in Texas, Nebraska, or Colorado. Coaching packages and packages are great because they offer a variety of prices, allowing you to really focus on your ideal client and helping you get rid of the mentality of setting hourly prices. For example, I divide my training into a 12-module program that takes clients from an exciting idea to a profitable business, each module is structured to take them to the next step.

Of course, the carriages he used were like Swiss Army knives, with a number of different tools for a myriad of applications. For example, if you're a business consultant who recently graduated from business school or who has a lot of courses and certifications, you may be able to charge more and charge a fixed price for your services, which in practice will take you away from your hourly rate. Years ago, I trained a woman who was also a coach, had a best-selling book and was the keynote speaker for the 1000 companies on the Global 1000 list. For example, Keith Webb, a renowned coach and business leader in the United States, recommends charging based on the client's results, the difficulty of training given to his clients and the experience he can offer.

And it's called that because the idea is to “penetrate the market by offering the lowest training rate you're comfortable working with”. There is a direct (and perhaps obvious) correlation between what a bus charges per hour and what it earns annually. My belief that I should be paid more comes from my experience of how difficult it can be to earn a living as a coach.

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