Become More Assertive and Confident with Professional Coaching

Do you feel like you lack the confidence and assertiveness to reach your goals? Professional coaching can help you develop the skills and mindset needed to become a more confident and assertive person. The Training Academy has been providing life coaching services since 1999, and has trained more than 14,000 people in this field. Body language is a powerful tool for conveying confidence or lack thereof. During conversations, keep your posture straight and your head held high.

Show that you care about what the other person is saying by asking relevant questions and using body language to show interest. Coaches have many tools to help their clients clarify and live according to their values. This includes helping them identify, clarify, and put into practice their values in their daily leadership. This is a great way to practice, fail, learn, and master many fundamental skills such as clear communication and listening, openness, commitment, and trust.

Individual coaching sessions on assertiveness involve working together to discover areas where you experience fear, lack, and limitation. We identify the behaviors, beliefs, and barriers that keep you tied to your current situation. Then, we seek to gain clarity about what your ideal life is like while developing a concrete action plan to help you set aside your own path and begin to live a happier, more assertive, and fulfilling life that is in alignment with your highest and truest self. This means building your confidence, cultivating your communication skills, and learning to achieve the right balance between personal empowerment and compassion for others.

Coaches have a wide range of tools to help leaders develop trust. While coaching may focus on developing specific skills, the client's confidence and beliefs about what it means to be a leader could go against the goals they are trying to achieve and tarnish the progress of the training. But it works both ways - when we lack confidence, those thoughts and judgments about what we are capable of doing are holding us back. As our confidence and value grows, we can separate the experience from the lack of payment - a reflection of the value and skills we bring to our clients. Coaches are in a unique position to help their clients overcome myths about being a confident leader. When counseling a client who is growing in her career, it's important to know her experience and her beliefs about her trust.

Learn to confidently express your needs and opinions to achieve a better balance in your relationships, your career, and your life.

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