What is the roi of coaching?

A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors such as increased productivity and employee retention. Explore how coaching can be the framework for successful change and growth in your organization. ROI (return on investment) coaching is a methodology that consists of first investing in strengths and helping people feel good about improving. The ROI of coaching is the system of creating positive work cultures outside of tactical or traditional performance-based training methods.

In addition, it's about measuring levels of motivation, levels of inspiration and levels of teamwork. However, in the end, executive coaching can be useful to you and your organization by accelerating the necessary changes in individual leadership strategies and, in fact, that impact can be measured to measure the true return on investment of executive coaching. The ROI of executive coaching comes from the entire organization being better, more focused and aligned with the biggest challenges facing your organization. It illustrates how executive coaching develops leadership capacity that translates into ROI in multiple ways.

ROI coaching, as I have developed it, involves a series of workshops and methodologies that teach leaders how to be positive in the workplace. A coaching action (sending a positive message by email or calling an employee to the office) has an immediate ROI.

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