When should you leave a coach?

You dread training calls (and not just because you haven't done your homework). You don't trust your coach or aren't being completely honest with him about your fears, goals and business. While some balance the two very well, as you have done for years and years, there may come a point where something has to give way. Changes need to be made to preserve and honor your position within your home life.

When evaluating what is acceptable progress, you should first analyze your training age. In weightlifting, the longer you've been training, the slower things will progress. As you reach higher levels of strength, a kilo here or there may be what you're struggling with. The days when you add 10 kg to your weightlifters every two weeks won't last forever.

If you feel that you are alone and the club administrators are making your life as a coach miserable, or you accept it, you go to another club or stop training altogether.

Kristin Almazan
Kristin Almazan

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