What are the negative effects of coaches?

Increased negative self-evaluation of athletic achievement or ability In this study of 650 German coaches, it was found that 94% had experienced at least one negative effect. As was shown above, the research found that there was a link between the coach and coach relationship and the perceived negative effects. During that time, that negative perception of myself became so ingrained in me that today it still appears on many occasions, even though I know that none of that is true. I'm not sure if I can avoid the things that trigger negative effects, since this happens in the context of interpersonal interactions and the work of a coach.

However, my HS coach is always extremely negative to me and spreads negative rumors about me to other parents and my teammates. With a coach like this, they should fear the short- and long-term effects that their behavior may have on their children's well-being if they don't take action. What my husband shouted wasn't negative, but he still apologized immediately to the coach after the game. Coaches who are governed by negative motivation do a lot to reduce the self-esteem and motivation of their young athletes.

Carston pointed to several studies on the negative effect of training on coaches, but few looked at the impact on coaches themselves. The main reason I bring this story to you today is because I realize that I am still experiencing the effects of years of abuse from coaches. Coaches who take a positive approach and draw lines against harassment, negative behavior and trash talk are role models for the types of behaviors that make athletes thrive and become powerful, positive coaches themselves. If you consider that the coach has experience and experience in the area of work in which he is training and that he has in-depth knowledge of the area, this tends to significantly reduce the negative effects even more.

Over the course of their career, 99% of coaches experienced this and, on average, there were 14.7 different negative effects.

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